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At Heidke Development, we do it right the first time.

With proven success all-around in the development and design-build industries, we are your go-to expert and problem-solver when it comes to

transforming your next real estate property. Whether excavating land, building a modern, multi-functional commercial space or developing multifamily property, we have the knowledge and experience you need to GUARANTEE a high-quality finished product, completed ON TIME.


Why choose HDC?

With EVERY project at Heidke Development , we cater

the work to your needs, and promise to deliver:

High quality

Field expertise

Timely completion

View our diverse range of expertise below:

Condominiums  •  Townhouses  •  Neighborhood Development

We bring mastery in detailed craftsmanship to multi-family developments. Whether your plan

has 5 or 50 units, each one will be designed and built with our expertise of customer needs.


Multi-building Properties  •  Warehouses  •  Office Buildings  •  Steel Buildings

With over 4 decades of diverse experience and projects of all sizes, our approach enhances

any commercial development initiative with unique, top-quality characteristics.


Land Transactions  •  Land Excavation  •  Demolition 

Who is more of an expert with all things land than an expert team who has seen it all?

If you're looking to sell, excavate, or demo, we'll to take the burden off you with efficiency.


Single-family Design-build

Our work has included residences for a wide variety of clientele including some very discerning people who appreciate things done right. With years of developed skills, we have addressed all scopes and challenges that has broadened our work to new and exciting ventures.


Customization  •   Pool Enclosures  •  Greenhouses

Custom greenhouses, indoor pool enclosures; we have the resources to make your challenging project as seamless as possible.

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