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With over 4 decades of experience, we have seen it all and know how to approach any project.

At HDC, we are well versed in all phases of construction from the ground up and know how to approach all types of designs, that call for challenging and critical structural components. We have dealt with architectural designs and are versatile to special conditions arising for any given project.  Most importantly, we have proudly served a diverse range of clientele with a proven demonstration of customer satisfaction through our 40+ years of service.

Our past projects include:

  • Commercial

  • Multifamily

  • Apartments

  • Excavation/Demo

  • Residential

  • Specialty Projects

Browse through our portfolio of experience as Master Builders.

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Our Clients

We approach every project with our clients' unique needs

at the forefront of the plan. Some of our clients include:

Clients in all markets and from all professions

Clients who are too busy to oversee their project and demand a company that will represent them to the highest standard

International clients with high expectations of results for their needs when, distance creates apprehension in their decision for investment

Out-of-state clients that rely on our reputation for their needs to be met, and their property protected in their absence (i.e., high end second homes, condominiums, etc.)

Clients from other countries who need to rely on a contractor that will expedite and insure completion of their project, no matter what managerial needs arise

Let our work speak for itself.

We'll ensure every piece is built to your standard of perfection.

Let's discuss how we can help you with

your next project.

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