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As a local, family-owned business,
we are proud to serve our fellow New England neighbors.

Built from a passion for architecture, design and a love for driving a project from start to finish, Heidke Development Corp has grown into a devoted father-and-son team who infuse strong, family values into all their work.  Step by step throughout the process we provide value and assistance in what our clients are purchasing. HDC believes clients should be engaged throughout the whole process, and should love the work from beginning to end.

The foundation and core values of our business:


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Meet our owner, Phil Heidke

Heidke Development Corp. was founded by Phil Heidke, an Architectural student at Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology in the early 70’s. After learning about many aspects of the building industry from simple applications to high rise construction, he decided to enter the field of construction and enjoy his work from the planning stages of a job, to seeing it rise out of the ground, to the finish product that the end user would enjoy for years to come.

Building the family business

Whether it’s site preparation, topography modifications, problematic site drainage issues, structural components, or even a total teardown, HDC has the experience to represent the buyer to all the trades and design professionals for a finished product that all can be proud of. We’ve got you covered. Mr. Heidke’s team proudly includes his son Ryan Heidke who has loved construction since childhood. Ryan brings fresh ideas and expertise to the projects and has the same quality goals in mind to serve the people and businesses of Massachusetts for many years to come. 


The next generation of development!

From idea to turnkey finish

The Build/Design capabilities of HDC allows for creating a wide range of projects and needs. The ability to take a project from idea to turnkey finish with quality and integrity is a hard-to-find commodity nowadays. Devoted to providing a well-managed job and attention to detail to ensure the customer’s demands are paramount to the service provided by HDC.

  • Multi family homes

  • Townhouses

  • Custom homes

  • Condominiums

  • Light commercial construction

  • Demolition to make way for the new

It all starts with a meeting to discuss your business needs

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