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Materials described are subject to availability. Where substitutions may be necessary, a similar product of equal or more value will be used.



Foundation will be poured concrete with steel reinforcing and required support footings per final design plans.  Frost walls per code and under slab insulation at the perimeter for  energy savings.



Poured concrete 3000 psi minimum with wire reinforcing over compacted base and troweled to a smooth finish as industry standard recognized.



Buildings are to be steel framed with more than required load bearing  members and wind loads of 110 MPH.  Mezzanine levels (optional ) will have 240 lbs. minimum load bearing for optimal use of the space as storage or office.



Roofing will consist of EPDM membrane or TPO welded seam over insulation board.  Space will be reserved on the roof area for future, or current use of Solar Panels if desired.  Roof area will have a parapet perimeter to shield equipment placed in the roof area.



Units will have 3 Phase 200 Amp panel with all necessary ground fault and arc fault protection as required by local and state regulations.  2 way and 3 way switching as necessary for convenience. Lighting provided includes approx. 20 troffer lights in office area, ceiling lighting in lavs, single light in janitor’s closet, high bay lights in warehouse, exterior lighting to rear of building and or sides with entrance lighting at entry. Approx. 20 switch locations and outlets  at work stations as well as extra for convenience. Data lines to work stations.  Emergency lighting for exits, fire sprinkler wiring as required as well as power for alarm controls. Category 6 wire for work stations and Coax wire in 3 locations (option of more).

*Exterior parking lot lighting will be in the common area and pole lighting will be provided as a common expense from each pad site sale. Costs for common area lighting will be from monthly fees  to the association.



Final window schedules will be determined during design, but windows types consist of Double Hung, Fixed with Hopper vent, sliding, casement, or other.  All penetrations in walls as well as the window and door units will meet the newer more stringent fire safety codes .   Grilles, colors, and types of glass (mirrored,  shaded, etc.) are available.

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All walls are to be drywall with smooth finish. Ceilings to be suspended in finished areas.

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All areas of finished or unfinished will follow current code guidelines for proper insulation and draft protection. Newer codes that have been implemented recently causes buildings to be more energy efficient and with less air leakage than most existing structures on the market today resulting in lower fuel costs and more even heat/AC  Environment.

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All doors and windows  to be trimmed with casing. Doors to be commercial grade solid panel, with handle set and locks where needed.  Baseboard to be vinyl.   Floors to be carpet tile with several choices, floor tile in lavs to be porcelain and ceramic on walls where required.



Cabinetry is to be white flush door in break room,  with solid surface tops as provided. Options are available.



Entrance units will be premium grade aluminum frame with glass as well as adjoining members for storefront appearance. Overhead door at loading dock will be painted steel with electric opener.  Rear pedestrian doors will be flush steel & enamel painted.



Restrooms will have fixtures to accommodate the occupancy load as well as an ADA provision in the men’s lav and in the women’s lav.   Double sink provision with solid surface tops for better cleaning results.   Janitor closet to have a separate sink from lavs.  Break room to have single sink and faucet.



The exterior of the building will be cladded in steel panels (insulated) on all, or most of the rear and 2 sides.  Facades will utilize EIFS systems or similar for a professional business appearance with combination of materials such as glass, stone, etc.  Colors choices are available but are subject to approval.  Other materials can be used depending on final design and requests from end users for customized products.



Dishwasher provided for break room. Fridge not included.



HVAC units will be roof mounted and a ceiling hung Modine or equal in the warehouse area. Air conditioning will be in the finished office area.   Thermostat controls etc. to be determined after final design.   Conditioned space will be forced air by duct and trunk lines.   Warehouse will be convection type from ceiling hung unit.


  • Walkways to be concrete with mag (slightly rough) finish.

  • Laves to have mirrors, paper holders, soap dispensers etc.

  • Common area landscaping per site plan with numerous hearty plantings.

  • Radon venting in each building with poly vapor barrier below concrete floor

  • All work performed by licensed professionals

  • Property is well landscaped for a very professional and inviting entrance.  Your business will show better and be an inviting atmosphere for your clients and image. 


Buyers may have options for choosing materials or colors depending on where in the construction process they become committed with a binding Purchase and Sale agreement. These options may include:

  • Color choices (Interior)

  • Tile selections

  • Granite selections

  • Hardware choices

  • Carpet choices

  • Cabinet hardware

  • Lighting choices

  • Flooring choices

  • And more

*All discussions for material choices and options will be discussed prior to any item being incorporated into the building.  Buyer is urged to communicate often (each week minimum) with builder for availability of choices and options.

*Any options requiring additional charges will be billed separately by HDC  and due upon receipt, in full, unless otherwise described in change order.

For more information on available units, please visit the sales site.

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